SUN TAXI offers Corporate Service for private clients as well as companies.

Corporate Service is a simple key to follow and manage transportation expanses, such as reservations for employees and clients, hence supporting the management of your company. Let SUN TAXI Service be your tool to hotels, airports, local bars, restaurants, conventions, sightseeings or any place you might have a desire to go to.


SUN TAXI ABINGDON provides variety corporate account options. Depending upon the quantity of people in the office, the commonness of journeys per week, the distance of the journeys and some otheraspects. SUN TAXI can provide you with an arrangement to meet all requirments of you and your office.

While calling, you have to specify that this is a corporate account trip and offer the company name or particular corporate account number. This procedure confirms that not just our company keep your account current, but also that your call will be placed as a precedence.

Once a week SUN TAXI ABINGDON will send a detailed transport summary indicating the date, time, pick up, drop off and rate information.

How to book your Taxi Abingdon

You can without any difficulty book your car

Via our phone number.

Via our website.

We provide you with a facile and comfortable booking system.

24-hour per day – 7-days per week

SUN TAXI ABINGDON is always willing to help you when you are in need of our services and help to reach you any destination.