Notwithstanding if you prefer your child/children to avoid public transport or the school bus,
or you feel necessity for timely transportation between school and an after school board, SUN TAXI ABINGDON meets all these requirements.

SUN TAXI Children Service offers sound and confident transportation for children and other family members in Abingdon.

Our services are essentially for children between the ages of 4 and 17.

We offer Mercedes E-Class saloons (the car will be purely clean, leather-seated, air-conditioned) and proficient, licensed drivers including
PROFESSIONAL FEMALE DRIVER (available on demand).

If you are looking for a regular Children’s Taxi service – daily transportation to school or nursery, we offer you an option to get a prior arrangement.
This will provide you with an additional assurance that we will arrange all your journeys and we will provide further discounts,
so that our service charge will be even lower.

Your children are the most significant things in the world, so if you are apprehensive and have any doubts,
feel easy to call us to discuss all the things with us.